Smart Mars Dao

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Reserve Currency on the Cronos Chain

First Community Owned Liquidity System

Community Owned Liquidity

The value generated by the project remains in the hands of the token holders who will be able to participate in the investments of the Treasury

NFT Collection

We Have Launched an NFT Collection which in our opinion is a great way to introduce a project that is managed by the community

Long Time Holder Benefits

We've added to SMARTS a tax that rewards longtime holders so if you hold it your tokens increase over time without staking

Mars Mission


Smart Mars has big plans for the future and it’s Smarts holders. All $ SMARTS holders will be able to propose which projects to launch. You will participate as a private investor in upcoming projects and Metaverse partnerships.

Long Time Holder Benefits

Each transaction triggers a 10% fee, where 7% is redistributed to all the current holders, 3% will be added to LP. This is a token that incentivizes all hodlers and rewards people that stay on board, which can encourage a steadier price action